DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON tells the life story a 14-year-old
Hong, Ja-hee taken by the Japanese to be a sex slave, or “comfort
woman” for the Imperial Army. Before she leaves home, her mother
tells her she must carry on an important family legacy. Her terrible
ordeal shapes the rest of her life as she struggles to survive in
North Korea and then South Korea. But through courage and
strength, she’s finally able to fulfill her duty to her family.

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THE DRAGON QUEEN is the remarkable story of Empress
Myeongseong, Korea’s last empress. A poor orphan girl, Ja-
young becomes the leader of the Hermit Kingdom through her
intelligence and great courage. She leads her country into the
modern world while fighting the Japanese imperialists and her lazy
husband’s father, The Daewongun, Korea’s treacherous regent.

The story is told to State Department official Nate Blackburn by
Anna Carlson (from DAUGHTERS) as war between North and South
Korea threatens. In the story, Nate see surprising similarities with
the current situation in Korea and realizes true leadership requires
great courage which is often at odds with the political establishment.
He decides to push for a peaceful solution to the Korean situation.
WHEN THE HEAD OF Jacob and Marin Advertising mysteriously
dies, Ben Smith must take over just as their largest account comes
up for review. He becomes the victim of dirty tricks when he
confronts the billionaire head of a rival advertising agency,
Sheldon Hanrahan. Sheldon runs the re-election campaign for
William Howard and wants him elected President to impose his
radical vision on America. The stakes are high, and Sheldon is a
powerful and cunning foe. But Ben has secret allies.  

NAN SMITH, THE STATE campaign manager for Democratic
presidential hopeful George Bloomfield, discovers a dirty secret
about Bloomfield’s opponent, Senator William Howard when an old
woman tells her, “He murdered my daughter.” The revelation
thrusts Nan into the center of a massive conspiracy led by
billionaire Sheldon Hanrahan who will do anything to get his man
the presidency. Along the way, Nan learns how poorly regulated
U.S. elections are and what candidates are able to get away with.
In the end, she finds the smoking gun to expose the conspiracy
but powerful forces from all sides threaten her life to prevent it.
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At the urging of a Los Angeles detective, lawyer Anna Carlson assists
Suk-bo Yi, a ninety-nine-year-old woman questioned in a mysterious
death at a Koreatown nursing home. A stranger to Anna, Suk-bo has
a tale to tell. For reasons of her own, she’s chosen Anna—only
Anna—to hear it…

Suk-bo’s story begins in 1937, when the Japanese occupying Korea
force her to marry one of their own, named Hisashi. In spite of their
differences, they fall madly in love, pitting them against two violently
opposing cultures. When Hisashi joins the Japanese Imperial Army
and disappears, Suk-bo embarks on a quest through years of war,
bigotry, and poverty to find him.

But Suk-bo’s story reveals more than Anna can imagine: an heirloom
comb bearing an intricately carved two-headed dragon binding her to
Suk-bo’s past. Soon Anna will discover her own legacy at the heart of
Suk-bo’s epic love story.
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