What people are saying about DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON
"Have you ever read a book that you don't
want to end because it's that good? That's how
I felt about
Daughters of the Dragon - A
Comfort Woman's Story.

"It is a difficult subject matter but the book is a
very good read and you find it difficult to put
down. I highly recommend reading it."

"A very moving, well-written story, interweaving
the contemporary perspective of a young
adoptee with the tragic stories of her birth
family. A great read!"

"I finished reading
Daughters of the Dragon
and remained still in my chair with the book in
my lap. I was enveloped in the characters and
their stories. Imagining the horrors that these
women endured and the courage to confront
those who perpetrated them..."

"The author's descriptive passages made me
sense the beauty of the country, the
desperation of war, and the humanity, good
and evil, of each character."

"Simply put, this book is a MUST read. The
writer crafts a story rich in character with
cultural and historical elements seamlessly
intertwined, making the story all the more
important because it is based on the real
suffering of young Korean women—girls
actually-- who were forced by the Japanese to
be sex slaves."

"As a woman, I could relate to the both
characters, both in the 1940s/50s as well as
the present day young woman. Although they
went through very different journeys, they both
had a strong love for family and a need to
know where they belonged in the family and
the world. It encouraged me to know how far
we've come, and saddened me to know that
the historical story is not being told. It is
important and I hope the well-written story and
character development in this novel will
encourage people to read and learn about this
important piece of history."
"Very emotional story that is hard to put down.
descriptions bring the experience to life. Sad
that it is based on historical truths, but
Reading this book provides a poignant look
into the Korean culture and a true sense of the
strength it takes to be a survivor."

"I have to admit, I was not sure about this
book. A white man telling this story.... I just
didn't know if he could pull it off. But he did. It
was powerful, unsentimental, and not
gratuitous. I am beyond impressed. The reality
of this story is still VERY raw across Asia, and
it is important that it be told in order to
understand the current relations between
Japan and its neighbors."

"From the moment I picked this book up I'm
not sure I laid it down... I'm a big fan of the
historical fiction genre and this book really
Daughters of the Dragon takes you
through a time that is not well known but
deserves to be discussed. Well done!!"

"The story and the history kept me wanting
more. I know very little about Korea and this
book did a wonderful job of explaining it's
culture and traditions all in the context of a
spellbinding story. The book was moving. The
story needs to be told and it is a shame that it
has taken this book to big these sins to the
light. This book is a real winner."

"Very engaging reading! It transports the
reader to a different time and culture, and lets
you walk alongside Ja-hee as she struggles to
survive and prosper. While the events can be,
at times, painful to read, the characters are
respectfully treated by the author and the story
carefully crafted to include both the horrors
and the triumphs of her life and times. This

"I received
Daughters of the Dragon and read
it in one sitting the first day I got it. It absolutely
holds your attention as it goes between two
compelling stories, 60 years apart, both of two
young women struggling to find their way into
adulthood. The historical part during WWII is
difficult to read at times, but tells a story that I
personally had never heard or learned prior to
reading this book."
"A Masterpiece of Fiction"