DURING WORLD WAR II, the Japanese forced
200,000 Korean women to be sex slaves for their
soldiers. This is one woman’s riveting story of
strength, courage and promises kept.

Young Jae-hee and her sister are torn from their family farm
and forced to become sex slaves, or comfort women, for the
Japanese army during World War II. Before they leave home,
their mother gives them a magnificent antique comb with an
ivory inlay of a two-headed dragon, telling them the dragon
will protect them. The sisters suffer terribly at the hands of
the Japanese and by the end of the war, Jae-hee is forced to
flee while her sister lays dying.

Jae-hee keeps her time as a comfort woman a secret while she
struggles to rebuild her life in North Korea. She meets a man
who shows her what true love is. But the communists take
him away in the middle of the night and she is forced to
escape to the South. There, she finally finds success as the
country rebuilds after the Korean War. But her terrible secret
is revealed and she's thrown into poverty. In the depths of
her despair, she's tempted to sell the comb that she believes
has no magic for her. But one day she discovers its true
meaning and her surprising heredity.  And now she must find
the only person who can help her carry on this legacy…
someone she abandoned years ago.

Inspired by
The Kite Runner and Memoirs of a Geisha,
winning author William Andrews is set within the sweeping
backdrop of Korea’s tumultuous 20th century and is a story
of love and redemption, family, courage, and honor.

DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON will make you cry and cheer
and help you understand the Land of the Morning Calm.
From the bestselling author of Daughters of the
Dragon comes the little-known story of one of the
most extraordinary queens in history.

As tensions rise between the U.S. and Korea, U.S. diplomat
Nate Simon is sent to Seoul. His mission is to gauge the
political situation and return to advise the president. He also
plans to find out why someone sent the president an ancient,
intricately carved comb with an ivory inlay of a two-headed
dragon. Though familiar with Korea’s language and culture,
Nate knows little of its fraught history. Embassy aide Anna
Carlson believes it’s time that he learns, starting with the
extraordinary story of Korea’s last queen.

Seoul, 1866: the beautiful orphan Ja-young is chosen to be
the child bride of Gojong, Korea’s boy king. Highly intelligent
but shy, the young queen faces a choice: she can be a stone
queen—silent and submissive. Or she can be a dragon queen
and oppose enemies and empires that try to rule Korea during
the age of Imperialism. Her choice leads Queen Min to forge a
legend that will endure far beyond her lifetime.

The more Nate discovers, the more he comes to realize that
Queen Min’s story is still relevant today. Now the choice is up
to him—be submissive and accepting . . . or change the world.
NOW OUT! The third book in the
At the urging of a Los Angeles detective,
international rights lawyer Anna Carlson assists in a
murder investigation. It’s a personal request from
Suk-bo Yi, a ninety-nine-year-old woman questioned
in a mysterious death at a Koreatown nursing home.
A stranger to Anna, Suk-bo has a tale to tell. For
reasons of her own, she’s chosen Anna—only
Anna—to hear it…

Suk-bo’s story begins in 1937, when the Japanese
occupying Korea force her to marry one of their own,
named Hisashi. In spite of their differences, they fall
madly in love, pitting them against two violently
opposing cultures. When Hisashi joins the Japanese
Imperial Army and disappears, Suk-bo embarks on a
quest through years of war, bigotry, and poverty to
find him.

But Suk-bo’s unfolding history reveals more than
Anna can imagine: an heirloom comb bearing an
intricately carved two-headed dragon binding her to
Suk-bo’s past. Soon Anna will discover her own
legacy at the heart of Suk-bo’s epic love story.